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From our family to yours

Sap-Sap, meaning “Delicious Delicious” in the Lao language, brings you Lao-inspired cuisine, for wholesale and online retail consisting of our own unique recipes, as well as authentic classics. In keeping with Lao tradition of farm, foraging, fresh to table goodness, we partner with local Wisconsin farmers, processors, and businesses for top-quality products. Our operations are headquartered in Burlington, WI, offering wholesale service to many of Wisconsin’s top restaurants and chefs regionally and nationally. Sap Sap was founded in 2015, as an expansion of it’s predecessor, Mamma’s Eggrolls, by Owner and Lead Product Developer, Alex Hanesakda. Alex’s love of Laotian food is home-grown, learning a rich tradition of Lao cooking from years of food preparation with his parents and other friends and family in the Laos community, preparing authentic Lao cuisine in it’s purest form.